Taking the puzzle out of Grain Marketing!


Marketing your grain is best managed using all the tools available to you. At CloudBreak, we believe the effective use of futures and options are often the best solution to your price risk management. Our 'Gold' Advisory product is the advanced solution for Grower's looking to gain the most control over grain price and currency movements.

Ultimately, our goal is to add value to your bottomline. The 'Gold' service will return the best results possible for your grain.


  • Individual advice suited to your circumstances on:
    • Options
    • Grain & Currency Futures
    • Swaps
    • Physical Sales
  • Full brokerage service including:
    • Complete price discovery of track and delivered markets.
      • Largest delivered demand pool in South Australia.
    • Selling your grain.
    • Transferring your grain.
  • Regular Reports summarising your position:
    • Constantly updated to reflect your:
      • Expected production.
      • Physical Sales.
      • Swap/Futures and Options position.
    • Clear and easy to interrupt.
    • Accurate summary of your grain pricing.
  • Regular consultation regarding your strategies and objectives.
    • One-one meetings to develop a hedging plan for your business.
    • On going discussion regarding your position and the market conditions.
    • Written statements of advice outlining suitable strategies for your situation.
  • Fortnightly Outlook Report
    • General recommendations of suggested grain marketing strategies.
    • Regular commentary of domestic and global markets.
    • Professionally written and published by CloudBreak.
  • Daily Morning Newsletters:
    • Outline the overnight futures movements and previous days cash prices.
    • Includes basis and futures charts.
    • Professionally written futures markets commentary.