Taking the puzzle out of Grain Marketing!


CloudBreak Advisory is here to help you put the odds back in your favour. Grain Marketing can be a daunting task. Our 'Silver' Advisory package is the entry level service we recommend for those looking to improve their price risk management.


  • Advice on hedging using Swaps and Physical Sales
    • We will have regular discussions about your objectives.
    • We will provide statements of advice in relation to Swap Hedges.
  • Full brokerage service included.
    • Complete price discovery of track and delivered markets.
    • Largest delivered demand pool in South Australia.
    • Total service includes:
      • Selling your grain.
      • Transferring your grain.
      • Fortnightly position updates
  • Greater control over your price risk.
    • With the use of Swaps, you will have greater protection against falling grain markets.
    • Add value to your bottom-line and minimise risk.
    • Achieve grain prices not possible on the cash market alone.
  • Fortnightly outlook reports including written recommendations and suggested strategies.
    • Get more out of your CloudBreak membership with published recommendations and marketing strategies each updated each fortnight.
    • Written by professional commodity analysts and grain marketers.
    • Globally aware with a South Australian and Victorian focus.
  • Daily Morning Newsletters
    • Outline the overnight futures movements and previous days cash prices.
    • Include basis and futures charts.
    • Professionally written futures market commentry